We Are Ellington Media!


Ellington Media was founded upon the idea that digital marketing should be straightforward, with quantifiable and easy to understand results. Our core vision has been to take our diverse digital marketing experience and create solutions specifically designed for automotive dealers to reach in-market audiences and sell more cars. Our proprietary technology and dedication to customer service has resulted in successful campaigns for hundreds of agencies and over a thousand automotive dealers across the United States and Canada.

Why Choose Ellington Media?

Our clients rely on us to be at the leading edge of advertising technology at all times and simultaneously rely on us to navigate the dizzying landscape of programatic media buying, emerging technologies, impactful trends and best practices. We utilize the most advanced platforms in the industry, add our own proprietary solutions to fill gaps, and deliver a digital advertising platform that is second-to-none. We have the solutions to the challenges you face. There will never be technology that replaces the human touch in advertising. Experienced media planning, campaign building and optimization still reside at the core of every campaign. It is here that we establish our priceless and long-term value to our partners through vast expertise and a commitment to educating and empowering our clients. By remaining adaptable and agile, we keep our clients armed with a competitive advantage.Our expert media team is hands - on and proactive, constantly monitoring and optimizing your campaigns to pinpoint new opportunities and stay ahead of your competitors . With quantifiable campaign metrics, showing you the leads, calls, and site or in-store visits from your campaigns, your results are tangible .


Whether you start from scratch or from dozens of proven creative templates, Ellington Media will help you design and implement a captivating and engaging brand experience for your audience. Optimized For Any Environment.
HTML5 for desktop, mobile web, or in app on smartphones and tablets.
Expandable rich media with fully functional landing pages and expandable three panel CTA units.


Combine targeting strategies to create a custom audience for your products or industry. Target shoppers who are the most likely to buy based on first and third-party data points and use unique audience building techniques to retarget potential consumers.
Narrow audience focus to state, region, zip code, DMA, geo-fence and more.Segment by age, gender, education, income, marital status, family attributes, ethnic and identity groups.


Ellington Media allows you to run effective mobile campaigns by utilizing the most precise geo-fencing technology in the industry. Target mobile devices based on GPS locations or audi- ence data points to reach your exact customer at any point in the purchase funnel. Reach an audience on 10,000+ smart phone appsand mobile sites.
Increase engagement with custom mobile creative. Create dynamic messaging that shows the distance to your physical location.


Access over 100 of the industry’s top data aggregators to target based on a myriad of qualifications such as: in-market purchase intent, interest, affinity, brand loyalty, lifestyle, browsing activity and purchase history.
98% of potential customers will leave a site without converting.* Use site retargeting to re-engage those past visitors to keep your brand or offer top of mind.
63% of car buyers shop online* while visiting a dealership. Show auto shoppers your ad while they’re on your competitors’ lots.

How we work.

1 First we analyze your current digital marketing strategy. It is important we understand as much as possible about your business goals, what your company has done to market and achieve those specific goals in the past and finally we must identify the types of clients you would like to attract. Since you know your customers best, we will work with you to craft the very best digital marketing plan possible.

2Once we have identified your target market and formulated a digital marketing plan we will assist you in the creation of any assets that would be required such as banner ads, logos, sales copy, video creation, etc... Then we implement your digital marketing plan. For example, if we decide that a geofencing campaign is right for your business we would set up all of the digital perimeters and calibrate the spending limits. Our staff of engineers monitors your campaign daily to make sure everything is running smoothly.

3 Finally, we believe the proof is in the pudding and in the digital marketing world our pudding is all in the reporting and analytics. We can only check what we measure. We’re integrated with top web analytics platforms for a complete view of your marketing efforts. Track conversions, web analytics and post click performance for paid and organic traffic. Our dashboards are always included at no additional cost. We’ve made monitoring campaign performance and reporting to our clients an easy process.


    Designate multiple geo-fences targeting competing dealers.


    A customer visits an established geo-fence location or business and is served your ad. Run engaging and interactive ads with embedded video, maps, and dynamic distance messaging for your dealership.


    In the following days/weeks, they visit your location, triggering an Geo-fence conversion, validating your ad efficacy and spending.